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About Bailey's Diesel Group

Are your injectors rattling like a tractor?
Want to install the changeover injectors yourself?
Has your turbo given up? Or simply want to upgrade?

Whether you have a problem with your injectors, turbo, or you’re simply looking for a power boost and better fuel economy from your ride, you know that quality parts go hand in hand with a good DIY job.

  • You’ve had enough of dodgy cheap parts from China that break easily and set off a frustrating waterfall of problems and costs.
  • You like being able to call up an Aussie number during Aussie working hours - and get expert advice about ways to improve your vehicle.
  • You want results and more bang for your buck!

Is all that really too much to ask for? Does it exist?

Three words: Baileys Diesel Group.

About Baileys

Gregory Bailey started the Diesel Fuel Injection Repair facility back in 1972 in a backyard shed in Sydney.

More than 45 years later, and over 4 generations of Baileys, the Baileys are known as industry leaders in diesel combustion technology for both industrial and on-road vehicles. 

The business has expanded from fuel injection repairs to turbos, R&D (with at least 4 world patents), training, fuel consumption metering, engine diagnostics, logistical solutions, and more.

Their success?

An understanding of what you really want out of your diesel engine:

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Performance
  • Bang for buck

They honour every product with warranties - and a reliable local post support service for performance measuring, maintenance, and ways to improve your vehicle.

A 100% Aussie operated and owned business

The Baileys are obsessive about meeting the needs of the local Aussie market. Their main facility is The Baileys Diesel Technology Centre - a 1500 square metre facility. It houses some of the most incredible equipment and impressive technology in the southern hemisphere. Run by highly sought after experts in the diesel industry.

You’ll find this centre in Wollongong, south of Sydney. And many satellite offices set up in far reaching areas around Australia to ensure speedy support for clients.

Every person in the business is carefully selected for their skills, experience, qualifications - and their willingness to keep training and to focus on the end customer in every part of their job. Whether they’re part of in-house research, innovation, or mechanics, the focus is the same. To give you:

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Performance
  • Bang for buck

Shop Online or Contact Us at Lowes, a proud Baileys Diesel Group performance parts distributor.