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Diesel Injectors

Are your injectors rattling like a tractor?
Looking for a power boost and better fuel economy?
Want to install the changeover injectors yourself?

We can help you with a new set of Bailey’s blueprinted or Denso Injectors - complete with comprehensive documentation, and advice on all the tools and equipment you’ll need to DIY. Or we’re happy to install them for you also (and remap your ECU while we’re at it).

The uniqueness of Baileys Blueprinted Diesel Injectors

A major reason why injectors fail is because of a single part: the spindle.

Baileys Diesel Group combat the weakness of the spindle by coating it - and all other moving parts - with a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) substance. The parts are also made using precise micron measurements.

Your car deserves the best blueprinted diesel injector - in the world

Every Baileys blueprinted injector has been created using innovative technology, superior expertise, precision engineering, and $5m test bench equipment.

The same technology used to power industrial engines - up to 35,000 horsepower - across the Caribbean, Central America, the Pacific, and here in Australia.

Technology that has blueprinted diesel fuel injectors in powerful diesel engines across the world.

Technology used for marine cargo and cruise lines, road and rail transport, power generators and mines. Across the world.

Here in Oz, this technology has been adapted so you can experience the incredible performance and longevity in your car or 4WD. At very reasonable prices.

Stringent manufacturing process and only the finest quality materials are used. Take the spindle for example:

  • Brand new material is sourced in Germany
  • Machined in France
  • Heat treated in Germany
  • Vetted in Australia
  • DLC coded in America
  • Vetted in a Californian lab
  • Arrives back in Oz

It’s no wonder that your blueprinted diesel injector is:

  • Many times stronger than the average injector
  • Less likely to fail from tainted fuel
  • Able to withstand environmental conditions

Additional benefit: tighter tolerances

Your Baileys Blueprinted Diesel injector is set to tolerances that are tighter than standard injectors. This cuts down the risk of contamination and seizure related or missing related failures after installation. So your injector lasts longer this time around.

Just picked up the 79 series after she had her remap and wow... Pulled out the chip and swapped to the remap. More power and a smoother curve. Keen to see the better fuel efficiency now. Very happy and highly recommend - Jayden Atkins

Aussie made injectors for Aussie conditions

Baileys injectors have been built in Australia specifically for Aussie environmental conditions, and Aussie fuel. So it’s designed to work well, and built to last, especially with correct maintenance.

At 2,000RPM, every common rail injector injects nearly half a million times an hour. With Aussie fuel, there’s a limited lifespan - so we recommend servicing your injector every 150,000km.

Why customers love Baileys Diesel Injectors

  • Australian built for Aussie conditions and Aussie fuel: works better
  • Lasts longer: saves you the cost and inconvenience of frequent changeovers
  • Costs less: no need to fork out on a new set at dealership prices
  • Smoother and quieter: for a more enjoyable driving experience
  • Longer warranty: your insurance, giving you precious peace of mind

Injectors available

Shop online for a complete list of Baileys Blueprinted Injectors for many makes and models. Other injectors are also available by Denso, Siemens, Bosch, Delphi, Zexel - engineered with higher precision than new OEM injectors.

All injectors hold a minimum 12 months or 20,000km warranty.


  • Advice on tools and equipment for DIY changeovers
  • Comprehensive fuel injection systems refurbishment (includes calibration, testing & validation)
  • ECU Remapping

What to expect

  • Friendly professional staff for advice and support
  • Quality genuine products
  • Full documentation on all products
  • Minimum 12 months or 20,000km warranty

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