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Fuel Pumps

Pump given up?
Trouble starting?
Getting fuel pressure related fault codes?

Common rail pumps are incredibly resilient and usually last the life of the engine. But when you’ve checked pressure issues or changed your suction control valve - and pressure issues don’t disappear, you’ll need a new fuel pump.

Baileys Blueprinted Fuel Pumps

Baileys Blueprinted Fuel Pumps have been built in Australia to stringent tolerances - much higher than standard.

Pumps are all made by the hands of our highly skilled Aussie team in the Baileys Internal Diesel Technology Centre, located in Wollongong NSW. Local economies of scale. Local expertise. Local support.

  • It’s why you can rely on the pumps to last longer than the average pump.
  • That’s why you’ll get quick support whenever you need it - before - and after your purchase.
  • It’s why you’ll get a minimum 12 month warranty - and in some cases, even more.
  • That’s why you’ll get your Baileys pump at an incredible cost.

Take the Baileys VP44 pump for example:

  • Rebuilt to new Bosch specs (New ESU and housing)
  • Calibrated on the Bosch test bench
  • Certified by Bosch

Same high quality parts. Same tests. Tick of approval.

So what’s the difference between a Baileys V44 pump and a Bosch pump?

Same specs. ⅓ the price. 2x the warranty. 

You’ll get an unbeatable 2 year, 100,000km warranty (Bosch offers only a 12 month warranty). So you can choose Baileys pumps confidently knowing that the pumps will last the distance, run smoothly and reliably - like the Bosch original.

Thanks to Tim at lowes auto repairs, not only for the crazy gains but also the extremely good customer service! My 2008 v8 cruiser was sluggish off the line and took a bit to get going. After the tune the car has been completely transformed! It pulls in every gear and it is definitely far from sluggish! - Steven Mollison

Fuel pumps available

Blueprinted fuel pumps

Shop online for a complete list of available Blueprinted Baileys fuel pumps for vehicles such as:

  • Nissan Patrol ZD30
  • Kia Sorrento D4CB 2.5L
  • Toyota Landcruiser 79 series & 200 series 1VD-FTV
  • Toyota Hilux 5L
  • Mitsubishi Triton / Challenger 4D56 2WD & 4WD
  • Nissan Navara / Patrol 109342-402#
  • Holden Rodeo 3L 109341-102#
  • Toyota Hilux / Prado 1KD-FTV

Other fuel pumps (Delphi, Siemens, Denso)

Shop online or a complete list of available fuel pumps for vehicles such as:

  • Hyundai Terracan
  • Kia Models 2.9L
  • Ford Transit 2.4L
  • Ford Ranger / Mazda BT50 2.2L & 3.2L
  • Toyota Hilux 1KD-FTV
  • Nissan Navara / Pathfinder
  • Toyota Hilux / Prado 1KD-FTV


  • Fuel pump part replacement
  • Advice on tools and equipment for DIY work
  • ECU Remapping
  • Warranty service

What to expect

  • Friendly professional staff for advice and support
  • Quality genuine turbo parts
  • Complimentary mounting gaskets
  • Minimum 12 months or 20,000km warranty

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